How a Nose Job Could be the Answer if You Have a Breathing Problem

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How a Nose Job Could be the Answer if You Have a Breathing Problem

When you think about people getting a nose job, you probably assume that they’re getting one to change their appearance. While many people get corrective nose surgery in Denver for cosmetic reasons, many others do it to correct a breathing problem.

A functional rhinoplasty is one that aims to help a patient breathe better. Let’s take a look at why you may want to visit a nose job surgeon in Colorado if you’re having breathing issues.

How a Nose Job Could be the Answer if You Have a Breathing Problem

Why do people get functional rhinoplasties?

Some people may look into getting a nose job if they have nasal passages that are too narrow, or if they have a deviated septum. Whether that piece of cartilage is misaligned naturally or as the result of a trauma, a functional rhinoplasty can help correct it and improve breathing.

People who have allergies or are prone to sinus infections may also seek corrective nose surgery in Denver to improve their breathing problems. When people have allergies or suffer from sinus infections, their turbinates become enlarged. These are made of bone, blood vessels, and other tissue. When the lower turbinates become swollen, they can make it hard to breathe. Other issues that can lead a person to see a nose job surgeon in Colorado for a functional rhinoplasty include having collapsed nostrils. 

During a functional rhinoplasty, the nose is reshaped to restore nasal airflow as well as proper drainage. This helps you breathe better.

Getting a Nose Job for Cosmetic Purposes

People who don’t have trouble breathing and simply want to change the look of their nose because they’re unhappy with it get a nose job for cosmetic reasons.

A cosmetic rhinoplasty will reshape the nose and change the appearance of your face. During a rhinoplasty, incisions are usually placed inside the nose to hide them. The bone and cartilage are reshaped to optimize symmetry, length, and profile, as well as alignment with the lips and chin.

Sometimes, other procedures like a chin augmentation are also recommended to achieve a patient’s desired look. When you visit your facial plastic surgeon, they will review all of your options to find the one that best suits you. Your surgeon will also tell you whether your desired look is one that is realistic and one that will complement the rest of your face.

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