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Woman with her hand touching her face (model)

The Magic of Facial Fat Transfer (Before and After Photos)

The quest for youthful, radiant skin has inspired innovation in many facial procedures, from facelifts to laser skin resurfacing. These advances include the evolution of specialized dermal fillers to address early signs of aging. Many people, though, are searching for longer-lasting, more natural alternatives. That’s why facial fat transfer is gaining traction as both an …

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Woman's face (model) as she undergoes laser skin treatment.

Is CO2 Laser Treatment Right for You? Everything You Need To Know

Reflecting on your skin's appearance can make you wonder if there's a way to turn back the clock on aging, sun damage, or scars. If these concerns resonate with you, CO2 laser resurfacing might be the treatment you've been searching for. At Ladner Facial Plastic Surgery, we understand the importance of feeling comfortable in your …

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Woman with a slim face and youthful complexion (model) touches a hand to her face.

5 Top Options for Face Slimming Treatment

Sculpted cheekbones and an angular, well-defined jawline create a triangular or heart-shaped face---an aesthetic ideal. That's why surgical and nonsurgical face slimming treatments, including buccal fat removal, are among the most popular cosmetic procedures at our facial plastic surgery practice. To achieve your face-slimming goals, we often combine treatments to target various areas. Here's a …

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A woman (model) looking in the mirror in the bathroom.

5 Unexpected Uses for Dermal Fillers (Hint: Fillers Aren’t Just for Your Face)

While dermal fillers have been a popular go-to for men and women who want to look more refreshed without surgery, you may be surprised—and intrigued—to learn they have additional benefits beyond plumping your lips or contouring your face (although we perform plenty of those treatments, too!). As an experienced injector and a double board-certified facial …

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