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glossy lips with pink lip stick

Lip Augmentation – Your Most Frequently Asked Questions Answered

As we age, the lips may begin to shrink and lose definition. The natural aging process can create an unwanted sagging effect. A lip augmentation can drastically improve the appearance of the lips and smile, reversing the effects of aging.  What Is Lip Augmentation? Lip augmentation is a procedure performed to enhance the size and …

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doctor with both hands examing womans face

Questions to Ask When Visiting Your Plastic Surgeon for the First Time

Deciding to undergo plastic surgery is not something you should take lightly. You want to find a top-notch plastic surgeon who is not only experienced but one who makes you feel comfortable and confident in your plastic surgery decision. When you’re looking for a plastic surgeon in Aurora and Colorado Springs, here are some questions …

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Womans face in multiple angles

What You Need to Know About Getting a Facelift as You Search Top Facelift Doctors in Denver

If you’re considering a facelift, you want to know what to expect before your surgery. This includes the surgery itself as well as knowledge about your plastic surgeon’s experience and history. You want to choose someone who is considered one of the top facelift doctors in Denver so that you get someone who knows what …

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