Why the Best Facial Plastic Surgeons Are Worth the Wait

Dr. Ladner and members of his staff in Denver, CO

Plastic surgery isn’t something people decide to get on a whim. Most of the facial plastic surgery patients at our Denver, CO, practice have spent months, sometimes even years, turning the idea over in their heads, researching procedures, and reviewing surgeons’ websites before scheduling consultations.

So, it can be a bit of a shock to learn that the earliest opening for the surgeon you had your heart set on is a few months away. The disappointment might even tempt you to settle for the surgeon whose surgery schedule can accommodate you next week. This is the time to trust your initial instincts and wait for the best facial plastic surgeon so you won’t be disappointed after the procedure. There’s a reason some plastic surgeons are booked out for months—they have reputations for producing remarkable results and have excellent track records for safety.

Reasons for Waiting

We all know the saying about good things coming to those who wait. Consider why it’s so difficult to get a table at the restaurant that earns rave reviews for the incredible experience it offers diners. Reservations are hard to come by and you may need to plan weeks ahead, but the food and service are worth it.

So, too, it’s worth waiting for facial plastic surgeons who provide personalized care and results that exceed your expectations.

How Do You Know a Surgeon Is the Best?

A good way to gauge the expertise of facial plastic surgeons is to check their education, training, and experience performing the procedure you’re considering. These credentials help verify a surgeon’s background, so you can feel confident in trusting your face to them.

When selecting the best facial plastic surgeon, you should consider:

Board certification (and more): Facial plastic surgeons certified by both the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and the American Board of Otolaryngology—such as Dr. Ladner— have years of extensive expert training focused exclusively on the face. Additionally, completing advanced fellowship training is another accomplishment shared by the best facial plastic surgeons. Dr. Ladner trained under one of the world’s leading facial plastic surgeons during his fellowship.

What patients say: Reviews posted on reputable, independent websites such as RealSelf and Healthgrades provide valuable insight into the experiences of a surgeon’s previous patients. Details about the surgeon’s demeanor and the practice environment are also helpful.

Communication: This is something to consider during your consultation. Is the surgeon truly engaged and listening to you describe your cosmetic goals and your concerns about your appearance? Do you feel like your questions are being answered honestly? Establishing a genuine rapport with the surgeon is important.

Being a Patient Patient

This is probably the most difficult part of the process after choosing your surgeon. Knowing that you’re putting your face in the hands of an expert—even if that means waiting—provides the peace of mind you want when undergoing facial plastic surgery. It’s quite difficult to revise a procedure that isn’t performed well the first time, so it’s wise to wait for the best.

If you’re looking in the Denver area for a facial plastic surgeon, you can request a consultation with Dr. Ladner using the online form or call our office at (303) 253-7686 to schedule an appointment.

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