Celebrities and Social Media and the Increasing Demand for Facial Plastic Surgery

Plastic Surgery & Celebrities

In the past, plastic surgery was primarily used to help people hide the effects of aging. Fast forward a generation and things have changed. The world of plastic surgery has opened up, and the range of services available for people in their twenties and thirties has increased tremendously. 

Today’s plastic surgeons are seeing a rapid increase in people coming to them for facial alterations, not because they want to fight back the effects of age, but because of the influence of celebrities and other personalities on social media. The desire for popularity and success is having a substantial knock-on effect on the size and scope of the industry. 

How Celebrity Influence Drives the Demand For Specific Facial Features

Plastic Surgery & Celebrities

Celebrities are driving the perceived desirability of a host of facial features. Women want small chins, high cheekbones, a nose like Kate Middleton and Keira Knightly’s eyelids. It’s opening up a world of possibility for young adults seeking to change their appearance.

The reason behind this shift has a lot to do with the influence of celebrities. Celebrities have been making significant changes to their appearance and posting their new look on social media. Kylie Jenner, for instance, first appeared on social media when she was 16 years old. She was always a beautiful woman but over the years has taken advantage of all the cosmetic tools available to her. Today, Jenner is considered one of the most beautiful and famous people on Instagram, gaining millions of likes and hundreds of thousands of comments for her posts. 

Those following accounts like that of Kylie Jenner can see for themselves the changes that plastic surgery can make. What’s more, because of the growing celebrity followings trend on social media, plastic surgery is becoming commonplace. And, it’s now seen as something that is accessible to most who want it. 

While plastic surgery is no longer taboo, there’s still a need to be careful. While getting plastic surgery is a great way to boost your appearance, you need to do it in the right way. The features that work on one person’s face might not look good on another. Halle Berry’s lips are ideal on her, but transplant them onto Donald Trump, and you have a recipe for disaster. 

Top plastic surgeons do everything they can to educate patients on this matter. Plastic surgery can be a great tool to enhance a person’s appearance, but not necessarily by borrowing features from someone else. The trick is to make subtle changes to your features, such as straightening the nose or enhancing the lips. Any alterations should make sense in the context of the rest of your face.

Plastic Surgery & Celebrities

Social Media Influence on the Demand for Facial Features

For many young people, social media has become a significant force in their lives. Their goals are simple: to get more views, shares, and likes. They often see going under the knife as a way to boost online engagement. 

Altering your face should be a careful and thoughtful decision. The purpose of plastic surgery shouldn’t be to remove the face you have and replace it with the face of Penelope Cruz. The goal should be to enhance your existing features and feel more confident in yourself. You’d be surprised by the difference-making subtle changes can make. People will look at you and see that you look good, but they won’t always be able to describe what you’ve had done. You’ll just look brighter, fresher, more confident, or more beautiful, but they won’t know precisely why. 

The structure of your face has a tremendous impact on the type of plastic surgery you might benefit from. You can use plastic surgery to make natural, subtle improvements that will enhance your confidence. 

Facial plastic surgery is an excellent way for you to feel more confident and enhance the beauty you already have. It’s not just about looking great on social media but feeling comfortable in your skin wherever you happen to be. 

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