Should Teens Get Rhinoplasty?

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Teenagers who are self-conscious about either the size or shape of their noses sometimes consider getting rhinoplasty. That’s true, especially if schoolmates tease them or they’re the subject of degrading comments on social media. As a rhinoplasty (nose job) specialist in the Denver, CO, area, I consult often with teens who are thinking about a nose job.

Even though it might be the correct path for many of these patients, the decision is rarely straightforward and shouldn’t be made without thinking seriously about the pros and cons. In this blog post, I’ll explore these issues and discuss why any patient who chooses to undergo rhinoplasty should choose a facial plastic surgeon with an excellent reputation for producing great results.

Influence of Social Media

Teenagers embarrassed by their noses often opted for plastic surgery even long before social media existed. Still, Instagram, Facebook, and Tik Tok influence the way adolescents view themselves. It’s actually the same for adults, too, but teens are typically less secure about their appearance. Rhinoplasty can bolster a person’s self-esteem and be the right choice for someone. But it’s important to understand why a patient wants cosmetic surgery.

What Are the Pros of Teen Rhinoplasty?

The first thing to consider before even considering the benefits of a nose job for a teenager is whether the patient’s nose is fully developed. A girl’s nose typically stops developing by age 16, while boys usually are 17 or 18 before their noses stop growing.

What are the benefits of rhinoplasty for teens?

  • Feeling self-confident about their appearance. Most people of all ages want to feel attractive, but teens tend to be more vulnerable to what their peers think. A lack of self-esteem about their looks can spill over into other areas such as academics and participation in extra-curricular activities.
  • Younger patients often heal more quickly. The initial recovery following rhinoplasty usually takes a week to 10 days, but teens are typically on the shorter end of that timeline.
  • Enhanced facial harmony. Even though the nose is just one feature of the face, if it’s out of proportion to other features it can mar an otherwise attractive appearance. Rhinoplasty can create balance and facial harmony.  
  • Easier to take time off. Summer breaks offer the ideal time to schedule rhinoplasty for teenagers. Once they’re out in the real world, they’ll need to use some vacation time for recovery.
  • It can help those who have difficulty breathing. If breathing is obstructed, surgery can open the airwaves. This isn’t technically rhinoplasty, but a procedure to improve the function of the nose can be combined with cosmetic surgery.

What Are the Cons of Teen Rhinoplasty?  

The drawbacks of getting rhinoplasty as a teenager stem from what’s motivating the patient to choose cosmetic surgery. Even when teens discuss their choice with parents, it’s important for plastic surgeons to ensure they are doing it for themselves.

  • Teens tend to be their own biggest critics. Many teenagers look in the mirror and notice flaws that no one else sees. Even the slightest imperfection may be magnified into a major defect. Those perceptions may change if they wait a few years to get cosmetic surgery.
  • Decisions based on peer pressure rarely lead to satisfying results. This is true of more than plastic surgery, of course. If someone is getting a nose job because a boyfriend or girlfriend criticized its appearance, the chances are good the patient will regret the choice.
  • The change may not meet expectations. If patients want their noses to look exactly like the nose of a specific celebrity, they may be disappointed in the outcome. Rhinoplasty changes the shape or size of the nose, but it isn’t meant to create an entirely new look.
  • Doing it for the ‘Gram. We discussed the influence of social media above, and it can definitely be a drawback when teens choose to get rhinoplasty so they can get a certain “look” for social media selfies.

If a teen and their parents have weighed all of these considerations and still believe cosmetic surgery is the right choice, it’s important to find the best rhinoplasty specialist in Denver. As part of that research, it helps to review the before-and-after photos of a surgeon’s actual patients to see potential results.

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