Choosing the Right Rhinoplasty Surgeon in Denver

Rhinoplasty doctor in Denver

Deciding to have a rhinoplasty, or nose job, is a big deal. Your nose is the focal point of your face. You don’t want to trust it with anyone. That’s why choosing the right rhinoplasty surgeon in Denver is extremely important. Making the wrong decision can have irreversible consequences.

Of course, experience is important when searching for a rhinoplasty surgeon. What else should you look for when researching a rhinoplasty doctor in Denver? Here are several things to consider:

Look at Before and After Photos

Numbers aren’t everything. Just because a surgeon has done countless rhinoplasties doesn’t mean they were all done well. During your search, look at before and after photos of previous patients. Take your time to study the differences. Do you like the results? If you do, great. If not, think about what aspects don’t appeal to you. The before and after photos are excellent indicators of whether or not the surgeon’s work is a match for what you have in mind.

Look for Malpractice Claims

Numerous malpractice claims are a huge red flag and are a sign to look for another surgeon. Although some malpractice claims may be frivolous, you don’t want to take a chance. If many patients have filed claims, that’s an indication the surgeon’s work is not exceptional and you should move on.

Rhinoplasty Surgeon in Denver

Read Reviews & Ask Around

Just as malpractice claims may be a reason to avoid a surgeon, great reviews may lead you to find a great rhinoplasty surgeon in Denver. If a surgeon has received countless positive reviews and endorsements, you’ll want to schedule an appointment to see what all the buzz is about. 

Also, ask around town and see what names pop up when you ask about great surgeons in your area. If people keep mentioning the same name, that’s a positive sign of a good reputation. Getting these honest opinions by word of mouth can be a great help when looking for the right surgeon for your rhinoplasty.

Schedule a Consultation

The best way to decide if a plastic surgeon is the right one for you is to schedule a consultation. This will allow you to sit down with the surgeon to talk and ask questions. You can see if the surgeon makes you feel comfortable and if you like the office. During this time you can also ask to see before and after photos as well as ask for referrals. If you leave the office with positive vibes, it’s a good indicator that you’ve found the right plastic surgeon for your rhinoplasty.

Are You Looking for a Rhinoplasty Doctor in Denver?

If you’re looking for a rhinoplasty doctor in Denver with great reviews and exceptional before and after photos, contact Dr. Keith Ladner. Dr. Ladner has performed countless rhinoplasties with successful results. Just ask his patients! 

Dr. Ladner is extremely experienced and will be glad to answer your questions. He is also double-board certified by the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery as well as the American Board of Otolaryngology/Head and Neck Surgery. Call today at (303) 253-7686 or go online to schedule a consultation.

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