Brow Lift or Botox Which Option Is Right for You?

Brow Lift or Botox Which Option Is Right for You?

Brow Lift or Botox Which Option Is Right for You?

When you look in the mirror do you notice wrinkles, sags, and extra skin around your forehead and eyebrows? Do these changes in your face make you feel older or insecure? As we age, our skin loses elasticity from sun exposure and dehydrated skin. Free radicals in your skin cause damage to collagen fibers and elastin, which increases wrinkles. You may also develop wrinkles from raising your eyebrows, which we do when conveying many emotions and feelings. These repetitive muscle contractions cause permanent lines on your forehead and between your eyebrows. Whether you see crow’s feet around your eyes or worry lines between your brows, these lines can be greatly reduced with a surgical procedure like a brow lift or temporary non-invasive methods like Botox. Below we’ll take a look at these two options to help you when considering which might be best for you. 

Brow Lift or Botox Which Option Is Right for You?

Is a Brow Lift for You?

A brow lift is a plastic surgery procedure that can raise your eyebrows, remove excess skin, smooth out wrinkles and lines that may make you look angry, sad, and tired. Patients often report feeling younger and more refreshed after their brow lift. There are some things to consider before going under the knife. A brow lift is an invasive surgery, so it’s important to consult with a board-certified plastic surgeon to make sure the procedure is the right one for you. The ideal brow lift candidate is a non-smoker who is in good overall health. 

If you’re thinking about a brow lift, start by setting up a consultation to discuss your goals and medical history. During this meeting, the doctor will take measurements and photos and recommend the course of treatment. Some of the risks of a brow lift include bleeding, loss of hair around the incision area, infection, numbness, and pain. However, more common side effects are headache, some swelling, and bruising, which can easily be controlled by over-the-counter or prescription pain medications.  

During an endoscopic brow lift, small incisions will be made along the hairline which will hide any scarring. The forehead tissue and brow are elevated and released off the underlying connective tissue and the muscles. General anesthesia or conscious sedation will be used during the procedure, which takes about one and a half hours. Sutures will be used to close up the incisions and are removed about ten days after surgery.  You should expect to miss work for about a week and you should be able to return to more normal activities in seven to ten days.

While a brow lift is permanent, you might not want a procedure that involves anesthesia, pain medications, and a longer recovery time. If you’re considering a brow lift, but aren’t quite ready for the commitment of a surgical procedure you might want to look into minimally invasive ways of tightening and lifting the skin for a younger look and feel. 

Is Botox a Good Alternative to Brow Lift?

Botox is a non-invasive solution for wrinkles that is quick and easy.  Botox injections are made from botulinum toxin Type A, which derived from the bacterium Clostridium botulinum. Botox was approved in 2002 by the Food and Drug Administration and has been very popular over the last decade. 

Botox is injected into the skin to relax the forehead muscles which will help rejuvenate your skin. The small injection into select facial muscles blocks signals from the nerves to those muscles so that the muscle can’t retract, making wrinkles relax and fade. Side effects of using Botox are uncommon but may include pain, swelling, or bruising at the injection site and headache or flu-like symptoms. You should not receive Botox injections if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, are allergic to cow’s milk protein, or have any neurological disease. 

Botox injections only take a few minutes with no anesthesia and minimal discomfort. You can resume your daily activities immediately after your injections are completed. Generally, you would expect to see results in three to seven days. Botox lasts for an average of three to six months, but since muscles relax, wrinkles will appear less severe.  After multiple Botox treatments, you condition the muscles to relax over time, producing greater anti-aging results.  Botox is not only non-invasive but is much less expensive than a surgical brow lift, if budget is a concern.

Brow Lift or Botox Which Option Is Right for You?

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Dr. Keith Ladner is double-board certified by the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery as well as the American Board of Otolaryngology/Head and Neck Surgery. He is also a certified Galderma trainer. a Swiss pharmaceutical company that specializes in dermatological treatments and skincare products, and is a part of the Galderma National Advisory Board. To schedule an in-person or virtual consultation and discuss your options with Dr. Ladner or his expert nurse injector, (720) 613-9797 or schedule a consultation online for more information.

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