Things to Ask Your Plastic Surgeon Before You Get a Procedure in Denver

Plastic Surgeon in Denver

Having surgery of any kind is a big deal. Facial plastic surgery is no exception. That’s why you want to be as prepared as possible. You not only want to choose a top facial plastic surgeon in Denver to do your procedure, but you also want to ask plenty of questions. Once you go in for surgery and get anesthesia, you won’t be able to ask your questions, so it’s best to plan ahead. 

Here are some questions you should ask before you have facial plastic surgery.

Plastic Surgeon in Denver

What Type of Results Can I Expect?

It’s best to be realistic about the results. During your consultation with your surgeon, you can bring pictures of what you hope to accomplish. Many people have unrealistic goals. Your plastic surgeon will let you know if what you envision is possible. If it’s not, they will advise you what they can do. They may even suggest a different type of facial plastic surgery than the one you intended to get in order to achieve the results you want.

What Will Happen During the Procedure?

Your plastic surgeon will explain how the procedure will go. From the type of anesthesia used to the details of the surgery itself, you should have a clear picture of what will happen, approximately how long it will take, and what type of recovery you can expect. You have to remember that your surgeon will answer questions based on typical surgeries and results. Since every patient and procedure is different, not every surgery will be a textbook procedure.

How Many Procedures Have You Done?

While every plastic surgeon needs to start somewhere, many people don’t want to be the first surgery. If you choose a top-rated facial plastic surgeon in Denver, you’re bound to find a surgeon who has plenty of experience doing the type of procedure you want.

Will My Insurance Cover My Surgery?

Since most facial plastic surgery procedures are done for cosmetic reasons, most insurance companies will not cover them. You can always check with your specific carrier, but be prepared to pay for the surgery out of your own pocket.

How Long Will the Results from My Surgery Last?

Some people wonder if the results of their surgery will change as they age. Facial plastic surgery can make you look younger and change your appearance, but it can’t stop the aging process. Your facial plastic surgeon can let you know what to expect from your specific procedure.

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