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Jan 25, 2022

I spent a great deal of time researching physicians and options prior to selecting Dr. Ladner. I was drawn to his practice as his area of focus is specifically the face. I did not want to go to a surgeon who works on other parts of the body, as I felt the expertise would be diluted. In January 2021 I had a neck lift and lower face lift with liposuction. Over the years the skin around my mouth had started to age and was pulling my face down into a permanent frown. Additionally, I've always had less definition in my neck line (genetic) that had also started to be more prominent with age. I am a woman who had never had any "work" done...including botox until the past year, so deciding on plastic surgery was a major step for me. The procedure and recovery is involved and took some time. I also opted to recover in a different part of my home, in order to reduce the risk of Covid during recovery. I was concerned that if I got sick I would damage the stitches with coughing, etc. My family was really supportive and able to help out so I was fortunate to be able to just rest and recover. Within four months (ask them to see the photos) the result was truly incredible! I couldn't be happier with the result as i feel like it gave me a fresher and more youthful appearance. My neck looks amazing and I have the definition that I was missing. Dr. Ladner and his staff are exceptional. Every individual took the time to answer questions and Dr. Ladner was very detailed in our consultation. While it was a big step, I felt supported the entire time....especially afterwards when I was going through recovery at home! I am now one year out and am really happy that I selected Ladner Plastic Surgery.

Jan 24, 2022

It has officially been one year since my rhinoplasty and I am very satisfied with my results and experience with Dr. Ladner and his team. Dr. Ladner is very professional and knowledgeable. He made the process smooth and really took the time to understand what my end goal was. This was my first surgery so I was a bit nervous going into it however the entire team made sure I was comfortable and helped every step of the way. I am very happy with my nose and I would highly recommend Dr. Ladner to future patients!

Jan 24, 2022

Dr Lander did my closed rhinoplasty 1 year ago. I always wanted a nose job but was scared I would look like a different person or it would be too noticeable. But he did an amazing job. He made it straight so it aligned and took the hump off. I'm not afraid of taking photos anymore or worried if people are looking at my nose. It's looks great my confidence is alot higher. I'm now a big local dj and this definitely helped my confidence in being in front of a crowd. I can also breathe better so thank you Dr. Lander! I definitely recommend

Jan 24, 2022

Staff is personable and friendly. My nose looks exactly what I wanted it to look like. U had close Rhinoplasty and it's been 4 months. A tiny swelling but looks great! I was nervous about the possibility of something going wrong but it didn't

Jan 19, 2022

Dr. Ladner and his wonderful team took excellent care of me from consultation to my final check up. I had researched surgeons for rhinoplasty for a year before choosing Dr. Ladner. From my consultation I learned my nose had been fractured in two places and that Dr. Ladner would be able to do a closed rhinoplasty to correct it. This team is kind and organized. I felt supported the whole way through and was able to call the office anytime to get questions answered. I’m 5 months post op and feel remarkably confident and thrilled with the subtle yet life changing results. I highly recommend Dr. Ladner & his team.

Business Owner replied on Jan 19, 2022:

Thank you for your review Desiree. We are so happy you are pleased with your results and our team.

Jan 12, 2022

I have had 2 rhinoplasty surgeries done and my nose still curves to the left when I smile and not symmetric.

Nov 16, 2021

Absolutely wonderful experience for a rhinoplasty consult! The front office team is great, and Dr. Ladner really takes his time with you. He knows what he's doing - by far the best consult I had. Update November 2021: Dr. Ladner did my rhinoplasty in July and I am SO GLAD I went with him. He’s a true expert and kind soul. I’m about 4 months in and still have a ways to go (I started with a bulbous tip), but seem to be headed in the right direction. The office is always there to answer my questions and concerns. I had a follow up appointment yesterday and was so grateful for the time and care Dr. Ladner and his team took with me. Can’t wait to see where I’m at in another 4 months! Still highly recommend this office!!

Oct 24, 2021

First time Botoxer, long time scowler. I visited the office a couple of months ago and have nothing but positive feedback about my experience. The front desk was kind and helpful. My appointment was with Tom and he did a fantastic job. I hate needles and was very nervous but he put my mind at ease in no time. Happy to say that the 111, not just an 11, is gone and I look forward to my next visit with them.

Oct 21, 2021

Dr Ladner performed my revision rhinoplasty on me two years ago. I could not be happier with the level of professionalism, skill, knowledge and experience than this office. Dr Ladner is an artist. He takes time to explain all of the procedures, the reasoning behind his technique, etc. He made me feel very comfortable. Further, his practice treats their clients like family, which makes me feel connected, heard and very confident in all services I receive from them. Also, I use Maureen & Tom for all of my injections. Masters!!!! I only recommend this office for anything related to Facial Aesthetics.

Oct 20, 2021

The staff here are wonderful and helpful!

Business Owner replied on Oct 24, 2021:

We appreciate you taking the time to review our team and so glad you had a positive experience.

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