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Ear Pinback (Otoplasty)

Purpose- Protruding ears can lead to much social angst for children and adults. The most common reason for protrusion is underdevelopment of one of the cartilage components of the ear. Re-creation of this normal structure can be easily done to give the patient natural appearing, symmetrical, and properly positioned ears. Often only one ear protrudes or demonstrates an asymmetrical defect compared to the other ear, and this can also be easily corrected.

Procedure- Correction of protruding ears generally requires removal of skin on the backside of the ear coupled with sculpting of the underlying cartilage through this hidden incision. The incisions are then closed to create symmetry. Otoplasty usually takes 1-2 hrs and can be done under local anesthesia with or without sedation or general anesthesia. Together, with Dr. Ladner, the appropriate anesthetic plan will be determined.

Recovery- Patients should be able to return to their normal activities within a couple days of surgery. A dressing will be placed over the ear(s) for protection and will be removed 7 days after surgery. The patient will then be instructed to wear a headband covering the ears at all times for an additional week. The headband can then be worn at night for an additional 3-4 weeks for optimal results. The sutures dissolve on their own and do not require removal. Pain is usually minimal if the patient sleeps on his/her back and avoids direct contact to the ear.

Otoplasty Before & After Photos

Otoplasty by Dr. Lander Denver

Otoplasty Ear Pinning Denver

Before and 8 Months After Otoplasty

Otoplasty by Dr. Ladner in Denver, CO

Before and 3 months After Bilateral Otoplasty

Otoplasty by Dr. Ladner in Denver, CO

Before and 1 Year After Bilateral Otoplasty

Otoplasty by Dr. Ladner in Denver, CO

Before and 2 Months After Bilateral Otoplasty

Otoplasty by Dr. Ladner in Denver, CO

Before and 3 months After bilateral otoplasty

Earlobe Repair

Purpose- Although earrings serve to enhance the aesthetic appearance of the ears, they can lead to changes in the earlobes over time. They can cause stretching, enlargement, and tearing of the earlobes. Additionally, keloids can also occur. Surgery can easily correct these problems and restore the previous appearance of the ear(s).

Procedure- Under local anesthesia, stretched or torn earlobes are reduced to their natural size through carefully placed incisions. If keloids are present, these are removed and the maximal amount of normal tissue is preserved. A new piercing can be performed at the time of the procedure. The procedure lasts 45 minutes or less.

Recovery- You can expect to return to work or normal activities immediately following the procedure. Wound care instructions will be provided to promote healing. At your return visit a week later, a new gold-studded earring can be placed to mature the new piercing. These will remain in place for 4-6 weeks before exchanging them for normal earrings.

Earlobe Repair Before & After Photos

Before and 3 weeks after repair of torn earlobe

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