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Should Teens Get Rhinoplasty?

Teenagers who are self-conscious about either the size or shape of their noses sometimes consider getting rhinoplasty. That’s true, especially if schoolmates tease them or they’re the subject of degrading comments on social media. As a rhinoplasty (nose job) specialist in the Denver, CO, area, I consult often with teens who are thinking about a….

Why Are More Men Getting Nose Jobs?

Why Are More Men Getting Nose Jobs?

Why Are More Men Getting Nose Jobs? If you thought facial plastic surgery was something that only women were doing these days, think again. Statistics show that more men are getting nose jobs, or rhinoplasties as they’re also called. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, there were nearly 50,000 nose jobs performed in….

Choosing the Right Rhinoplasty Surgeon in Denver

Rhinoplasty doctor in Denver

Deciding to have a rhinoplasty, or nose job, is a big deal. Your nose is the focal point of your face. You don’t want to trust it with anyone. That’s why choosing the right rhinoplasty surgeon in Denver is extremely important. Making the wrong decision can have irreversible consequences. Of course, experience is important when….

Do Not Book Your Appointment For Rhinoplasty Until You Read This

Ladner Facial Plastic Surgery in Denver Colorado

What to Expect from Your Rhinoplasty When people decide they want to get a nose job, many times they just want to “look better”. While it’s true that your appearance will definitely change, there are other things you should know before deciding to have a rhinoplasty or nose job as they’re often called. A Rhinoplasty….