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Does Preventative BOTOX® Actually Work?

Young woman smiling after receiving preventative botox in Denver, CO

Most people think of injectable treatments such as BOTOX® Cosmetic and Dysport® as something to first consider when they reach their mid-to-late 30s as worry lines and crow’s feet become more pronounced. In recent years, however, we’ve been seeing an increasing number of younger patients asking about Dysport and BOTOX at our Denver facial plastic….

What’s the Difference Between a Neck Lift and a Facelift?

In 2006, writer Nora Ephron published a collection of short stories titled I Feel Bad About My Neck, which included an essay lamenting the sagginess of her neck skin. The collection was a bestseller in part because her self-consciousness is shared by women (and men!) who believe their necks make them appear older than they….

4 Reasons Why Younger Patients Get Eyelid Surgery

Even though many patients who get eyelid surgery at our Denver, CO, facial plastic surgery practice are 40 or older, it’s not unusual for younger women and men to want to improve the appearance of their upper or lower eyelids. Selfies posted on social media have certainly contributed to this trend. In the era of….

Should Teens Get Rhinoplasty?

Teenagers who are self-conscious about either the size or shape of their noses sometimes consider getting rhinoplasty. That’s true, especially if schoolmates tease them or they’re the subject of degrading comments on social media. As a rhinoplasty (nose job) specialist in the Denver, CO, area, I consult often with teens who are thinking about a….

A ‘Zoom Boom’? Facial Cosmetic Treatments Surge

Woman in front of her computer on a Zoom call

During the pandemic, people are using video call platforms such as Zoom to work from home and connect socially with family and friends. These up close and personal meetings are leading many people to analyze their facial features more than ever—and they’re deciding to fix the issues that make them self-conscious. Whether it’s BOTOX®, a facelift,….